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Welcome to the Unitec educational website and eBook on the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industries in New Zealand.

While this resource has been developed primarily for apprentices, students and industry practitioners, this section is available to members of the public, to provide information for those not directly involved in these industries.

For those interested in a career or obtaining an apprenticeship, the section titled Training and Apprenticeships is for you.

For people seeking information on trade matters, the General Information section outlines the scope and range which is covered by the generic terms plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying in New Zealand.

Disclaimer This website is not designed to give information or advice on any technical matters. Although unqualified persons are able to undertake a very limited range of work in New Zealand, it is not possible to comprehensively and safely provide advice on this work nor describe every fitting available - that is not the purpose of this resource. Many such activities, while legal, are also potentially dangerous, and if done incorrectly may lead to personal injury and/or damage to property. Before undertaking any such work, professional advice should be obtained, along with consultation with your territorial authority and your insurance company.