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Unitec NZ is an institute of technology based in Auckland, New Zealand. It is New Zealand's largest provider of trade and technical education programmes.

Over a number of years the Department of Plumbing and Gasfitting has been committed to the development of a world class theory package for plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying apprentices and trainees. A small project team worked through 2007 to develop this eBook based on our highly successful correspondence theory package. The paper-based correspondence material has been substantially enhanced with multimedia - professional animation and Quicktime Virtual Reality learning objects - providing a unique interactive learning experience. This eBook combines powerful up-to-date industry-relevant content with a study area embracing best educational practice based on constructivist, situational and experiential learning theories.

The eBook has been developed as a collaborative project between key members of the Department's staff, other institute professionals, and a team of undergraduate computing students from the Department of Computing. Following the successful completion of the student's Industry Project eBook prototype, the student team was retained under contract to fully commercialise the project.

With the compiler and website fully developed a professional animator was employed to add multimedia elements.

The Department of Plumbing and Gasfitting would like to acknowledge the following people, and thank them for their contribution to this valuable educational resource.

Department of Plumbing and Gasfitting Project Team

Bachelor of Computing Science Students/Contractors: Compiler and website developers

Multimedia Developers



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